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9 Things to Remember about the Triunes in the Classrooms

Education is probably the most honorable, noble, and spiritually draining profession one could choose. It also seems to be a calling many have answered from a power higher than themselves. The responsibilities that are placed on educators - following curriculum maps, meeting with PLCs (professional learning communities/committees), planning lessons, and uplifting and motivating children - leave very little room to "see" the people who are actually in front of them. However, if schools are going to be successful in preparing children who are civil-minded and can view their neighbors as an important part of society, educators must be given mental space to recognize the spiritual essence of chi

Exploring 3 Executive Functioning Skills that Impact the Classroom

Everyone in education has heard the phrase "Executive Functioning Skills." Do we really understand what those skills are and how they impact education? Hopefully, we will have a better understanding of what behaviors are associated with three of the skills, how they impact academic progress, and tools to help develop them in the school setting. Executive functioning skills are cognitive skills that allow us to supervise our own lives. These functioning skills are located in the front part of the brain and are always in development as we grow. They generally mature around 25 years of age and develop when we can fully understand cause-and-effect relationships to regulate our behaviors based on


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